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Drega makes a come back with All I Know

Drega - All I Know - Bilz Music

Drega has been on a hiatus after his major hit success “Smoking& Drinking” that featured on WorldStarHipHop from his debut mainstream album – Let’s Go Nice on Bilz Music. Ever since, Drega has been working on crafting new music by relasing “All I Know” which premiered on VEVO on February 24th worldwide. He is currently working with fresh producers like Manu Beats, Hurricane Jamal and self producing hits on his upcoming album. Recently featured on Master-D’s Bollywood inspired track – Baarish which featured on major film festivals and MTV India. Locked away in the studio, Drega has been maturing his sound and influencing the trap scene amassing over over 10,000 downloads from his infectious single – I Don’t Even Want It with a total of 50,000 spins on his SoundCloud without any mainstream attention.

I’m all about just creating records that make me who I am in my current mood. I do refuse tracks, but when I get on it, I give it my 100%. I’m not about the spotlight but just making music that will feed my fanbase” states Drega. Known for his witty rhymes and talking about real life situations on his last video “F.O.B” making him stand out from other rappers replicating a lifestyle that isn’t theirs.

Master-D releases world’s first Bangla Urban Video DesiChick

Montreal, QC (January 4th 2015) – International Bengali Urban Artist, Master-D is back with another club anthem video titled “Desi Chick”. After his immense buzz creating the world’s first R&B Bangla single – Aye Raat, becoming track of the week on BBC Asian network, Master-D is out to make noise in the Bangla music scene.

With his signature platinum sound and urban influences, Master-D amassed over 10,000 downloads of Aye Raat and is here to set the bar now by releasing a follow up smash single accompanied with a music video shot by Amit Kehar from Gin and Tea. “I wanted to step it up after my Twitter and Facebook feed blew up with comments from Bengali fans from around the world. They never heard a song like Aye Raat! Actually radio stations have never heard a song like it either. So I decided I’d connect back with Amit who created amazing visuals for Baarish and give everyone the real urban feel with Desi Chick says Master-D. Desi Chick’s single has already premiered exclusively on Nadia Ali’s show and is now on the BBC Asian Network playlist alongside Imran Khan, Taz Stereo Nation and Sukshinder Shina to name a few.

Desi Chick’s music video premiered in America exclusively on AVS TV on Saturday December 20th, and online with massive Bollywood portal UrbanAsian on Tuesday, December 23rd along with a free download once again for fans.  “I want everyone who supported me with The Bilz & Kashif to understand the movement I’m about to bring and revolutionize Bangla Music to new heights. Music connects people and I want to break barriers again with Bangla music” expressed Master-D during his intensive media tour last month in Toronto. Master-D is the first Bengali artist to premiere and release Bangla Urban music on National TV in the USA and Bollywood media stations worldwide. Desi Chick video has already been gaining momentum on blog sites, getting noticed by industry executives in Bangladesh & India, and is also set to release on VEVO early January 2015. Stay tuned for Master-D exclusive interviews as to what next big move he is about to make in the Bengali music industry.


Aye Raat by Master-D becomes Track of the Week on BBC Asian Network


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Montreal,QC (October 5th) – International Producer & Artist, Master-D is making waves across radio stations worldwide with his brand new, world’s first Bangla R&B single – Aye Raat featuring Nivla.

Master-D has been gaining ground recently with re-inventing Bangla music with his signature sound. Aye Raat, which introduces his new journey as a solo artist from the international pop group – The Bilz & Kashif, has been picked up by several radio stations across the globe. In addition, BBC Asian Network’s very own, Nadia Ali has now made it her “Track of the Week” making it climb up the charts on the Asian Download charts right above Arjun, Raghav and Honey Singh.

The response has been unbelievable and I have to give my love to all the fans who supported me on this release. I always believed that Bengali music needed to be taken to the next level and now everyone is intrigued as to what I’m going to bring out next” states Master-D. The single bounced of the buzz from Master-D’s Bollywood release – Baarish which has also gained momentum with constant rotation on Pepsi’s MTV Indies and recently featured at an International Film Festival in Toronto – FILMI. Aye Raat has gathered close to 5,000 downloads and is currently on rotation on radio stations in the US, Canada, UK and making its waves to Bangladesh now.

Master-D plans to release an EDM version of Aye Raat remixed by Bangladesh’s very own – Tanzim Tanvi. “I liked the vibe and  feel he gave to the track when I heard it via my management team on Facebook. That’s what I love about my journey, I’m getting to connect and meet new fans who are now proud of me representing Bangla music worldwide” explains Master-D.  The remix along with 3 additional songs will feature exclusively on Nadia Ali’s Bengali Radio Show on BBC Asian Network on October 12th.

Watch the Lyrics Video for Aye Raat Now

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The Bilz and Kashif reveal “My Ride” from their new album

My Ride by The Bilz & Kashif making of

Studio Session #2: The bilz and Kashif Reveal ‘My Ride

New York, NY (March 12) – The Bilz and Kashif will soon release their third album The Trinity. While the group continues finalize album details, they continue to take us through the creative process with a series of studio sessions; episode 2 introduces us to “My Ride.”

This week’s episode made its debut on AVS (Asian Variety Show) and hit the web within 24 hours due to public demand.

In this studio session, The Bilz and Kashif are joined by lyricist Kuldeep “MixSingh,” who has worked with the group on their songs “Against All Odds” and “On The Dancefloor,” to name a few. Collaborating once again, the guys are caught talking in the studio predicting “My Ride” as a “smash hit.” Then conversation shifts to how important the fans are to The Bilz and Kashif’s musical success and the fans continue to prove their dedication to the movement.

Stay tuned for the release of The Trinity Spring 2013 and come back to next week for another fresh album preview and studio session.


The Trinity: Album Studio Sessions Part 1 –

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The Bilz and Kashif record “I Wanna Make Love” for The Trinity

Studio Session #1: The Bilz and Kashif Record ‘I Wanna Make Love’

New York, NY (March 4) – The Bilz and Kashif have announced the release of their third album The Trinity, but before their fans are presented with the final LP, they are invited to witness the creation of some of the album’s tracks.

The recording studio is a sacred space for any artist and you cannot deny it is where history is created when we talk about The Bilz and Kashif With the world already rocking to hits like “2 Step Bhangra” and “On The Dancefloor,” fans can now witness the journey it took to create some of the group’s forthcoming hits.

The series kicks off with the first listen of “I Wanna Make Love.” The sexy song starts with a beat before Master D and Kashif go in and write lyrics. We see the two guys vibing to the new song as Master D plays the guitar. Once the song’s pieces are complete, the two vocalists lay down their vocals.


Stay tuned for the release of The Trinity Spring 2013 and come back to next week for a new album preview and studio session.


Drega’s “Smoking & Drinking” Makes Waves on

New York, NY (Dec 3) – Drega has released the music video for his sophomore single “Smoking and Drinking” off his album Let’s Go Nice. The video has been making it’s media rounds and catching on social networks, and the response is nothing but positive!

The music video has been picked up by, which is esteemed as one of the biggest Hip-Hop video hubs on the web. Furthermore,YMCMB/Cash Money’s videographer Derick G , who’s notorious for creating all the jet setting video blogs to music videos for Birdman, Jay Sean and Lil’ Wayne, has also taken notice of the new clip.

Responding to all the video hype, Bilz Music’s executive Vicious comments, “It’s crazy that big producers like DJ Kemo are feeling a track that my artist produced.” Drega adds “As a new producer I don’t feel like I’m as good as I want to be so when platinum selling producers are giving me props I can’t even believe it. I’m so motivated, I’m going to step my production 100% in 2013, just watch. The response from the people has been crazy; the amount of messages on Facebook and Twitter is overwhelming. I’m definitely getting back to everyone though, I ain’t one of those too good to talk to my fans type rapper. Hollywood ass rappers.” 

DJ Kemo heard the track and immediately responded, “Sick tune homie! Yeah, I truly like this record. Shit will go hard in the clubs.” DJ Kemo is a member of the Vanguards Production Team; the music masterminds behind Kardinall Offishall and Akon’s multi-platinum single “Dangerous.” 

Drega proves he is a Hip-Hop artist in good company. From his Bilz Music affiliation to the music speaking for itself, Drega is taking Hip-Hop to another level for the South Asian community.

 Smoking and Drinking:

Let’s Go Nice (iTunes):



Drega to unveil “Smoking & Drinking” Music Video

For Immediate Release


New York, NY (Nov 16) – Coined as the Prince of Goa, Drega is a Hip-Hop artist who has no problem stirring up some controversy and raising the bar. His new single “Smoking and Drinking” does just that. All of Drega’s fans and the curious music lovers can expect the music video to hit the web November 28, but for now Drega gets us familiar with his sophomore single.

 The Bilz Music artist reveals, “This is not a fluff party song. It’s actually the climax on my album, Let’s Go Nice, right before everything falls apart in the story. It’s about when I’ve partied too hard and felt unstoppable. ‘Oh that’s your girl, that’s my girl now. Give me all the drinks, give me all the drugs. I don’t give a f*ck.’ It might sound exciting, but it’s actually a very sad song.”

 Drega keeps the culture of Hip-Hop at the core of his artistry and uses his music to tell a story. The lyrics will be brought to life with a video that depicts his story. The song is currently in radio rotation in Europe and it is only a matter of time before it infiltrates further into the world music arena.

 Drega’s career reached public attention with his feature on The Bilz and Kashif’s single “O Meri Rani (Spanish Fly).” Since that single, Drega has continued to collaborate with The Bilz and Kashif as well as build up his library of solo songs.

 Since having signed to Bilz Music, Drega has released his album Let’s Go Nice and his first single “Feeling Amazing.” With this second single, Drega continues to reveal more of his artistic ability and Bilz Music continues to uphold the highest level of quality in all their releases.

“Smoking and Drinking Video Trailer



The Bilz & Kashif release Tere Nainon Mein Remix by DJ A.Sen

For Immediate Release


 It has been just over two weeks since The Bilz and Kashif debuted the music video for their single “Tere Nainon Mein” on and there is no denying that their forthcoming album, The Trinity, is bringing us some big hits!

 The song is a ballad in which Kashif and Master-D melt hearts with their voices. The single has already collected 400,000 views on YouTube and now the group releases a fresh remix for “Tere Nainon Mein” by DJ A.Sen. While the remix was released with the single, the revamped music video brings the “Love Potion Remix” into the spotlight.

Remix producer, DJ A.Sen, shares, “I was game for remixing the brand new track ‘Tere Nainon Mein’ the moment I heard the beautiful composition. It touched my heart and built realms of imagination to blend it into a Chill House mix. I feel blessed to be working with The Bilz & Kashif, their songs are pure gold and remixing has always been a pleasure as they have helped me break barriers and rediscover a vivid sonic vision.”

The Bilz and Kashif reflect on the success of “Tere Nainon Mein” thus far:

“We are really proud of the song we’ve created; it’s been a great journey for us and having a song that every couple can relate to is what we have achieved.  The remix just brings the song to another level and our fans will definitely be in for a great ride with our brand new album.”

The single, music video, and remix keep The Bilz and Kashif a notch above the rest as their caliber of music and immense attention to detail sets them apart on the Urban Desi scene. This Montreal group is an internationally recognized music act whose fans are anxiously awaiting The Trinity. Having toured Canada, America, the Netherlands, and Suriname the group is ready to do it all again and even bigger with their new album.


Tere Nainon Mein:

Tere Nainon Mein (Remix):

The Bilz & Kashif set to release Tere Nainon Mein on October 18th

The Bilz & Kashif are set to release yet another single from their highly anticipated album – The Trinity. The Bilz & Kashif have earned tremendous success in the past years with their last album – Breaking Barriers and now they plan to switch things in 2nd gear. Tere Nainon Mein will release worldwide on October 18th on iTunes and all digital stores, which includes the Original track, and as a bonus, the official house remix by Mumbai’s very own – DJ A.Sen. “We knew this song was magic when Master-D first had the beat concept” says Kashif. “We just had to turn it into a classic”. The Bilz & Kashif, are known to write hit singles, time after time and turn them into classic pieces.

This video was shot in an exclusive mansion with very rustic European look, and was conceptualized by none other hit video producer, PeeZee from SKP Filmz.

Preview the Video Trailer here and make sure you watch the official video release in exclusive collaboration with

The Bilz & Kashif snap award at Milan Gala

 The Bilz & Kashif have earned numerous accolades over the past years since their debut album release, but Montreal has always been the last to follow. On May 7th 2011, The Bilz & Kashif were awarded the “PERFORMING ARTS AWARD” in the “MUSIC” category for their hard work over the past years representing Montreal globally. The acknowledgement was awarded by South Asian Alliance of Quebec, a non-profit organization that celebrates success amongst South Asian individuals based in Montreal. “We were extremely honored to be part of this event, and when we received the invite, we finally felt that Montreal realized the stripes we’ve earned representing our home town” says The Bilz & Kashif. Honorary guests included the Mayor of Montreal along with local entrepreneurs who understood the importance of music & arts for the future generations.

Watch the complete recap of the Milan Gala Event below: