Drega is a new kind of urban artist. He produces, but only chooses to produce for himself. He writes songs, but doesn’t sell them to the highest bidder. He prefers to work with real artists who put as much passion, creativity and talent into their work as he does. He isn’t concerned with the politics of the music business or following trends. His main focus is on making the best possible music, creating a unique sound and adding to the state of contemporary music by innovating.

Drega first received wide spread attention when he featured on The Bilz & Kashif’s hit single “O Meri Rani (Spanish Fly)” with over 550,000 views and gained heavy rotation on Z103 & MuchMusic in Canada. He was then asked to feature on other street remixes like “Nothing But a Loser”, “This is Why we Hot”, “Candy Girl” and, released his last album “Man of the Year” that has been gaining traction on its own with over 50,000 downloads to date.

Drega is currently signed to Bilz Music and will be releasing his album Let’s Go Nice in 2012.

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