The Bilz & Kashif set to release Tere Nainon Mein on October 18th

The Bilz & Kashif are set to release yet another single from their highly anticipated album – The Trinity. The Bilz & Kashif have earned tremendous success in the past years with their last album – Breaking Barriers and now they plan to switch things in 2nd gear. Tere Nainon Mein will release worldwide on October 18th on iTunes and all digital stores, which includes the Original track, and as a bonus, the official house remix by Mumbai’s very own – DJ A.Sen. “We knew this song was magic when Master-D first had the beat concept” says Kashif. “We just had to turn it into a classic”. The Bilz & Kashif, are known to write hit singles, time after time and turn them into classic pieces.

This video was shot in an exclusive mansion with very rustic European look, and was conceptualized by none other hit video producer, PeeZee from SKP Filmz.

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Drega featured on the cover of Mr.Dreamz Mag with Torch & Darren Jones from 112

After storming the industry with his international single – Feeling Amazing, Drega gets snapped up to feature in Mr. Dreamz Magazine as “Artist to Watch”. The October edition features Torch from Maybach Music Group (NYC), home of the hottest rappers like Rick Ross, Wale, Omarion, French Montana and More.

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The Bilz & Kashif’s brand new single Jump

The Bilz & Kashif return with their brand new single – Jump from their highly anticipated album – The Trinity. The single will be released worldwide accompanied by the video on August 20th 2012.  This brand new album is the follow up after Breaking Barriers entered the charts at #6 on iTunes. The Trinity represent a big movement for the three pioneers in the group made up of Vicious, Master-D & Kashif and they wish to make a bold statement with this brand new single. The 1st single from The Trinity album is entitled “Jump” and is a brand new sound they call Power Soca.It all started from us touring the world and doing a lot of shows in the Caribbean” states Vicious from the group. “We noticed a whole new audience that came in massive attendance to our shows in cities like Suriname, Trinidad and Guyana. We were so touched by our new fans and they’re style of music that it totally influenced us in the studio” says Master-D.

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Download Drega Let’s Go Nice Album Now

Download Drega’s latest albumLet’s Go Nice out now worldwide on iTunes, featuring hit singles – Feeling Amazing, Smoking & Drinking, Guess It’s True and many more.

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Drega set to release Feeling Amazing Video


Bilz Music is set to release their brand new artist, Drega to the world. Feeling Amazing is the 1st single & video to be released on June 28th 2012 from Drega’s brand new album – Let’s Go Nice. “The song grew out of this feeling I was having about someone. I felt like I had let her down. I wanted to let her know even though I was messing up, I was still feeling amazing with her. It’s funny cause such a happy song came out of a frustration I was having from within myself.” states Drega who has been anticipating this international release. Drega was first introduced to the industry by featuring on The Bilz & Kashif‘s hit single – “O Meri Rani (Spanish Fly)“. His mixtape was discovered by Vicious in the group, and every since got his feet wet in the Urban Desi market.

Drega is now ready to embark on his own journey signing with Bilz Music with this uptempo Euro/Pop track titled Feeling Amazing.  Drega is a versatile artist/songwriter as he produced and wrote every single song on Let’s Go Nice to cater to an international audience that he’s now ready to challenge. “I choose this to lead off because it was the first song where I stopped being scared of what others think.  I had always had this idea of creating music that plays with pop and rap conventions but I didn’t have confidence in myself that I could pull it off. Feeling Amazing is when I finally figured out how to use my production and my song making skills to make it count. It was like something snapped and everything changed. I figured out how to make music that matters to me. ” says Drega. “I’m very excited about this song” says Label Manager Vishal Urva. “I first heard the snippet online and I immediately called Drega and said let’s do something with this. Even Kashif was bumping to it. The one thing I know is when an artist writes mainstream music, he understands how to connect with a worldwide audience. After we signed the deal, we immediately hooked up with SKP Filmz and got Peezee to shoot the video”.

Feeling Amazing video is set to release worldwide online on June 28th 2012. The single will also be available to download on iTunes.

Bilz Music signs new artist Drega to their roster

Bilz Music sign new Canadian Artist, Drega to their roster

For Immediate Release:

Montreal, QC, Canada – December 12th 2011 – Canadian based production house, Bilz Music is proud to announce their latest artist signing, Drega, to their roster. Bilz Music is known for housing and nurturing North America’s most wanted pop group, The Bilz & Kashif, and has earned tremendous success from their signing, with over 13 million video views to date, multiple music awards and headlining close to 50 U.S dates and several international cities on Tour. The new addition, Drega, came after keeping a close eye to artists in North America who have been working on their independent craft. “I’m always looking to work with fresh new artists in the game. The Bilz & Kashif have represented South Asians globally on a pop level, and now I came across an Urban act that has the drive to achieve the same success” states Vishal Urva, Label Manager of Bilz Music.

Mixtape born Toronto native artist, Drega broke into the scene when he featured on The Bilz & Kashif’s hit single “O Meri Rani (Spanish Fly)”, and other street remixes like “Nothing But a Loser”, “This is Why we Hot”, “Candy Girl” and his last album “Man of the Year” that has been gaining traction on its own with over 50,000 downloads to date. “I noticed Drega had what the game was missing. He continuously evolved as an artist by working on his craft with various mixtape releases. I think he has found himself now, and I just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to give him the chance he needs” says Vishal. “He just keeps hustling and that’s what I love in any artist in the game.” Drega mentions: “The thing that made me want to work with Bilz Music is that they are innovators and are able to use their creativity to make history. Look at how much they have changed the scene since when they came out. A lot of acts today owe it to The Bilz & Kashif for taking risks and setting standards.”

Bilz Music plans to release Drega’s brand new album – “Let’s Go Nice” in the first quarter of 2012, and promises a strong note of the current state of hip hop’s fusion right now. In addition, 2 international video singles will be released worldwide once the album release date will be announced.  “My goal with signing to Bilz Music is to change the status quo. I want people to question what they think a normal rapper should look, sound, and act like. I want to show people you can’t generalize anyone, especially us young people. We’re all complex. Were all fighting against the old ways of doing things. I’m not concerned with making a bunch of money and retiring, I just want to make history and add to the culture rather than saturate it” voices Drega.

Bilz Music will be partnering with Rogers TV and Phoenix Mobility, to launch a 4 week episode in the New Year for an in-depth view of the making of Drega’s new album, Let’s Go Nice. The TV show will allow fans to become mini mobile moguls and choose Drega’s career move by using their mobile phones!  Users will have the options of choosing Drega’s next single, photo shoots and watch exclusive behind the scenes footage all through their mobile phones. Text the word “Drega” to 58888 to watch episodes on your phone or Visit to watch on-line.

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The Bilz & Kashif release free Bollywood Remix

The Bilz & Kashif release a brand new promo remix for the clubs. The remix combines the popular bollywood classics Mere Sapnon Ki Rani and Raja Ko Rani with the hit mashup single Don’t Wanna Go Home by Jason Derulo from the classic hit by Robyn S – Show Me Love. This exclusive remix is for all the club DJs and for fans around the world to download for FREE!

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MTV Roots adds The Bilz & Kashif on Rotation

After 5 years from their debut album, The Bilz & Kashif have released numerous hits that have gained worldwide acclaim. Now, with their brand new album, Breaking Barriers, they have started to create a buzz that’s gripping on to fans worldwide, having them embark on a world tour with major hits such as On the Dancefloor, Turn the Music Up, Single, Tera Nasha and recently Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na. Their success has lead them to gain over 10 million video views on YouTube with Tera Nasha and Turn the Music Up adding up to 2 million views to date. “We owe it all to our fans who have kept our music journey alive” says Kashif. “We’re so excited that after all those years of hard work, a major TV Network like MTV India has finally got our videos on rotation” states Vicious. “You don’t know how long we’ve been working to get here, and we all knew it was a matter of time”.  Their brand new videos have now been officially added on rotation on MTV India’s brand new music program, MTV Roots which airs every Friday at 8:30PM.

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The Bilz & Kashif shut down Desifest 2011

The Bilz & Kashif recently touched down in Toronto on May 28th 2011 for their stellar performance at Desifest 2011. This was the 5th year anniversary organized by BluBand Media and has now grown to a household calender event anually. This year, The Bilz & Kashif were asked to return once more, after performing last year, and brought a special suprise for all the fans in Toronto. “Toronto has been our 2nd home” states Kashif, “They show us nothing but love and have been supporting us since day one. We always want to bring something new for them”. The group tagged along Montreal’s very own, Ryan Stevenson on the drums and raised their live performance aspect a notch higher. Ryan Stevenson, accompanied the group when they kicked off their World Tour in West Palm Beach and they had to do it again! Thanks to all the media and fans who have continued to support the BREAKING BARRIERS movement.

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The Bilz & Kashif snap award at Milan Gala

 The Bilz & Kashif have earned numerous accolades over the past years since their debut album release, but Montreal has always been the last to follow. On May 7th 2011, The Bilz & Kashif were awarded the “PERFORMING ARTS AWARD” in the “MUSIC” category for their hard work over the past years representing Montreal globally. The acknowledgement was awarded by South Asian Alliance of Quebec, a non-profit organization that celebrates success amongst South Asian individuals based in Montreal. “We were extremely honored to be part of this event, and when we received the invite, we finally felt that Montreal realized the stripes we’ve earned representing our home town” says The Bilz & Kashif. Honorary guests included the Mayor of Montreal along with local entrepreneurs who understood the importance of music & arts for the future generations.

Watch the complete recap of the Milan Gala Event below: