The Bilz & Kashif snap award at Milan Gala

¬†The Bilz & Kashif have earned numerous accolades over the past years since their debut album release, but Montreal has always been the last to follow. On May 7th 2011, The Bilz & Kashif were awarded the “PERFORMING ARTS AWARD” in the “MUSIC” category for their hard work over the past years representing Montreal globally. The¬†acknowledgement was awarded by South Asian Alliance of Quebec, a non-profit organization that celebrates success amongst South Asian individuals based in Montreal. “We were extremely honored to be part of this event, and when we received the invite, we finally felt that Montreal realized the stripes we’ve earned representing our home town” says The Bilz & Kashif. Honorary guests included the Mayor of Montreal along with local entrepreneurs who understood the importance of music & arts for the future generations.

Watch the complete recap of the Milan Gala Event below:

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